Success Stories

March 2021

Matthew Bradley came to Regency Park Nursing &  Rehab Center of Jefferson for rehabilitation on his left  ankle/foot after a surgery. Matthew was very motivated  to return home to his apartment to take care of his dog.  He worked very hard with physical and occupational  therapy to regain his strength, balance, transfers and  walking abilities. When Matthew was first admitted to  Regency Park, he was non-weight bearing on his left foot  for 6 weeks. Once that weight restriction was lifted,  Matthew was able to return home in just 1.5 weeks!! We  appreciate being able to work with such a wonderful and  determined patient. Everyone at Regency Park wishes  Matthew the best on his future endeavors!! Thank you for  choosing us, Matthew, it was a pleasure serving you! 

Functional Outcome Level Upson Admission – 4.8 Functional Outcome Level Upon Completion – 7.8 

ADL’s Upon Admission – 5.7 

ADL’s Upon Discharge – 8.7 

Functional Mobility Upon Admission – 3.8 

Functional Mobility Upon Discharge – 6.8 

Shirley came to Regency Park of Jefferson after encouragement from her family. They wanted  her to be in a safer atmosphere, and not have to worry about taking care of her home by herself.  Shirley says, “I’m happy here. I didn’t want to go to a nursing home- none of us do- but it was the  best thing for me. I’m 90 years old and they take good care of me here. My nephew doesn’t live  far, so he visits often and my niece lives in Seattle and makes it out when she can. My family told  me I needed to move out of my house after my husband passed away, so I came here and get  good care. I don’t have to worry about things like I did when I was living alone.” 

Shirley, resident of 2 1/2 years (October 2020)

Janice came to Regency Park of Jefferson after a brief hospital stay in April. She worked with our therapy staff and received physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. Through working with therapy Janice has gained strength, improved her balance, and has learned some safety tips to be able to go home after staying just 15 days with us. Janice’s husband explained to us that, “She has improved and is doing so much better than where she was at.” Janice is excited to get home with her husband. We wish Janice the best of luck and are so happy we had the pleasure of working with her!

(April 2020)